Listen to your Heart and Take the Pledge

Show your support for Valve Disease Day by taking the pledge! Sign the pledge form and then let your friends and family on social media know that you’ve taken action to raise awareness about heart valve disease.

It’s easy to use the handy graphics, prepared social media posts, and fun Instagram and Facebook filters below! Be sure to use #ValveDiseaesDay in your posts so that other valve disease advocates will see your pledge. Your posts may even be featured in the gallery below.

Don’t forget to encourage others to do the same!

Step 2: Spread the Pledge Online

Let your followers and your friends and family know that you took the pledge and help us raise awareness about valve disease, a disease that 3 out of 4 people know little about.

  1. Press the “Share on Facebook” button below to share with all of your friends on Facebook and don’t forget to write a personalized message to inspire them to learn about valve disease and take the pledge themselves.
    Share on Facebook
  2. Save the image below and post it to your profile instead to let your friends know you took the pledge.
  3. From your cell phone or tablet, let your friends know about Valve Disease Day by posting a selfie on Facebook with our filter to your Facebook story. Click the button below to find the filter.
    From a laptop or desktop computer, click to send a notification to your mobile device to find the filter easily.
    Here’s an example of what yours could look like:
    Try Our Facebook Filter


  1. Use the “Share to Twitter” button below to spread the word to your friends and family.
    Share on Twitter
  2. Or, save the image below and tweet it out yourself to let your friends know you took the pledge. Be sure to add the hashtags #ValveDiseaseDay and #ListenToYourHeart!
  1. From your mobile device, let your friends know about Valve Disease Day with a selfie and our Instagram filter.
    Try Our Instagram Filter

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